arc if you’re going wildwood because race bonus

done deal now i have to sleep oyasumi

elezen pug or arc

yoshi-p is best p the p is for perfect everything is important and everyone cares because yoshi-P IS FF JESUS when you people LEARN THIS

AND MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! hit me and manda up we’ll do all the things with you

AAAA okay now im really excited i cant wiat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adamantoisssssse you’ll be with meeeeeeeeee

i just realised everyone i know from adamantoise is really good. i have heard 0 drama from there and HELL YEAH I’LL BE WITH YOU

I feel like I have missed something…

basically i have given up on balmung because a majority of people are being piss babies and im moving to admn and leviathan because i dont want to hear it.

when i wake up tomorrow im making my new character on leviathan

X[chi] is a browser MMO that ties in to 3. Don’t think we’ll see it in English though. It’s been out for quite a while

ohhh ): i saw a few art pieces for it like the main one? with all the little characters on it and it looked really cute something i would love to play. yeah now that im reading more about it it seems kinda unlikely, ah well!


Akihiko Yoshida